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Our Services
While our solutions and services can help organizations in most industries, we have worked with businesses in the following industries:
  • Service Sector
  • Financial Services
  • Supply Chain
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Design & Construction
  • Public Sector - Federal & State
Strategy Risk Management Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement and Training
Strategy & Risk
For any organization we believe that strategic planning and risk management should go together. Our strategic planning services are designed to help businesses and organizations develop or refine realistic plans that drive success.

Success also implies that an organization is prepared and able to weather adverse conditions or risk — those events that can derail or significantly damage an organization's capability to serve its customers and meet its goals and objectives.

We can help your organization develop and implement strategic plans and other strategic initiatives that contribute to growth and enhance business performance. Some of our capabilities include:
  1. Performance Metrics
    Performance Metrics - evaluation and development of meaningful and practical metrics (measures) designed to capture performance levels and standards.
  2. Strategic Planning
    Strategic Planning - development of comprehensive strategic plans — at any level - in support of key initiatives that are deemed critical to established goals and objectives.
  3. Deployment planning services by Strategic Enterprise Technology, Inc.
    Deployment Planning
    Deployment Planning - assessment and development of implementation plans in support of full deployment of an initiative or a high priority project.
  4. Risk management services by Strategic Enterprise Technology, Inc.
    Risk Management
    Risk Management - assessment and development of mitigation measures and plans that address risk associated with business plans, business operations, and key organizational initiatives.
Data analysis and data analytics
Data Analysis
All businesses and organizations perform operations that involve transactions and that generate records and data. Some organizations take prudent steps to preserve the integrity of these records and data, while others take a care-free attitude toward data integrity.

Operational records and transactional data are a reflection of the underlying processes that produce them. What do your operational records say about your business processes? What do your transactional data say about the effectiveness and efficiency of your business processes? If you do not have a firm answer to these questions, then you are not leveraging the power of your organization's valuable asset - data. We can help.
Our data analysis services begin with an evaluation of the processes that produce your data set; evaluation of your data collection methods; assessment of data integrity; basic data analysis; statistical data analysis; and trend analysis.
Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO)
A comprehensive enterprise solution for organizations facing the daunting task of launching, managing, monitoring, and measuring performance of multiple small to large scale project initiatives. Our PRE2? Program Management and EPMO framework provides a client with a world class approach to planning and implementing an enterprise program management office. This framework includes:
  • The PRE2? EPMO world class methodology
  • Standard Enterprise PMO workflow, processes and procedures
  • Enterprise PMO implementation roadmap
  • HEKIMA? PMO technology architecture
  • Enterprise PMO content library support
Every PMO is different and there is no canned solution to operating a PMO. However, there is a best practice, world class approach to planning, designing, launching and operating an effective and efficient PMO as a strategic enabler. Contact us to learn more.
Operational Improvement
Profitable businesses and organizations that succeed in serving their customers well are able to do so in part due to effective and efficient work streams and processes.

Lean processes —processes that add the most value to customer service and satisfaction— improve productivity and enhance worker performance (and morale).

Our operational improvement and productivity improvement solutions and services are designed to help an organization save money and achieve significant performance improvement by identifying and removing the wasteful activities that exist in every organization's workflow and business processes.
  1. Lean Enterprise services by Strategic Enterprise Technology, Inc.
    Lean Enterprise
    A comprehensive solution designed to introduce, incorporate, and deploy Lean Thinking and Lean Principles with the purpose of achieving productivity improvement.
  2. Operational Assessment services by Strategic Enterprise Technology, Inc.
    Operational Assessment
    A strategic service that evaluates an existing business operation (work streams, processes, etc) with the purpose of identifying & prioritizing improvement opportunities.
  3. Business process improvement services by Strategic Enterprise Technology, Inc.
    Process Improvement
    A highly focused service that employs Lean Six Sigma principles & methods to improve the quality and efficiency of value streams and business processes.
  4. Workload assessment services by Strategic Enterprise Technology, Inc.
    Workload Assessment
    A strategic service designed to evaluate the workload of a group or unit so that an effective fact-based staff augmentation plan may be developed and implemented.
Lean Six Sigma process improvement
Quality & Productivity Improvement
A comprehensive solution and related services designed to introduce, incorporate, and deploy continuous improvement practices (including Six Sigma Principles, Lean Thinking and Lean Principles) across the entire enterprise, or department, or division of an organization — with the purpose of achieving major gains in productivity, operational efficiency and quality. (Includes Lean Six Sigma training)
Lean Design Construction
Lean Design-Construction (LDC) is a productivity-focused, risk management approach to capital project delivery. Lean Design-Construction is rooted in Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement management concepts. It employs largely Lean principles (with a focus on efficiency improvement) as well as Six Sigma principles (with a focus on quality improvement).

Our LDC services focus on Lean approaches and tools to enhance efficiency of construction project delivery at all phases - from feasibility and program definition through to commissioning. Using collaborative, cross-organizational teams, LDC delivers more value and reduces waste during project delivery --- project delivery timelines are improved; costs stay within budget; and quality meets program requirements. Contact Us to learn more of our LDC services.
Lean Design Construction services
The following capital project participants can significantly benefit from our Lean Design-Construction services:
  • Project Owners (both private and public sectors)
  • Architects / Design Firms
  • Construction Management Companies
  • General Contractors
SET Lean Design Construction framework
Our LDC Framework
LDC tools include:

  • Target Value Delivery
  • Target Value Design
  • Pull Planning
  • Big Room Collaboration
  • Design Decision Making - A3 & Choosing By Advantage
  • BIM Coordination
  • A3 Problem Solving Workshops
  • Value Stream Mapping Workshops
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