Your Performance Improvement Consulting Partner
Our Approach
Achieving business performance improvement begins with the acknowledgement of a need to improve and the commitment to improvement by the executives and leaders of businesses and organizations. This is why we only partner with clients that bring a strong sense of commitment to improving their businesses in the interest of their customers.

In developing practical and sustainable solutions, we listen to our clients and work with them to understand their business needs as well as their goals & objectives.

Our approach to developing the right solution for each client is based on our Business Enabler Model (BEM), our core competencies and expertise, and our knowledge and use of tried-and-proven world-class methodologies and solution frameworks.
Business Enabler Model? (BEM)

Our Business Enabler Model? (BEM) represents a framework that illustrates virtually all the components (enablers) that make an organization perform at a level that serves customers. For an organization to perform at its best, each component must exist at an adequate level and function effectively and efficiently. Each component of our BEM is illustrated and explained below.
Employee Enablers
An organization's workforce (talent, experts, leaders, managers, supervisors & skilled workers).

Technology Enablers
An organization's portfolio of tools, machines, computers, software programs & applications, and other technology resources.

Process Enablers
An organization's collection of business processes, workflow, work procedures, and work instructions that make up its value streams.

Strategic Enablers
An organization's strategic plans and initiatives designed to achieve a competitive advantage and manage risk.

Cultural Enablers
An organization's workplace culture (underlying beliefs, values, protocols, and artifacts).

Knowledge Enablers
An organization's body of information and data that provides a basis for effective decision making and actionable business intelligence.

External Enablers
An organization's network of business relationships - advisors, partners, affiliates, vendors & suppliers, consultants, etc.

Capital Enablers
An organization's sources of capital (funding).
Performance Improvement Business Enabler Model
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Our performance improvement solutions and services are focused primarily on enhancing and optimizing an organization's Process Enablers, Knowledge Enablers, and Cultural Enablers. We also provide a specific collection of Employee Enabler enhancements in the form of educational, training, and professional development solutions.
Our Competencies and Best Practice Methodologies

As global management consultants, we employ the use of world-class methodologies, industry best practices, and tried-and-proven solution frameworks. This aspect of our approach ensures that we develop the correct and appropriate solution to each set of client challenges and needs.
Some of our competencies and best practice methodologies include:

  • Business Strategic Planning
  • Gap Analysis & Assessment
  • Risk Management (Risk Factor Analysis, Impact Analysis, and Risk Mitigation)
  • PRE2? Enterprise Program Management Office (PRE2? EPMO)
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Event Planning & Management

  • A3 Thinking - Problem Solving
  • Kaizen Events
  • Lean Thinking & Lean Enterprise
  • Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement (DMAIC Roadmap)
  • Lean Design-Construction

  • EKTIMIS? Respect Model
  • EKTIMIS? Respect in the Workplace
Performance improvement consultant methodologies
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