Your Performance Improvement Consulting Partner
About Us
Strategic Enterprise Technology, Inc. (SET) is a management consulting company specializing in business performance improvement solutions and services. We were founded in 1999 by a former KPMG Consulting management consultant with world class expertise and many years of industry and operational (real world) experience with U.S. Fortune 500 companies. We maintain a corporate headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Our Vision
Our vision is to enable our clients to find new ways to compete effectively and exceed their business goals and objectives.
Our Mission
Our mission is to leverage best practices that achieve business performance improvement for our clients.
Our Principles & Values
Commitment to our clients
Trust and confidentiality
Respect for our client's employees
High professional standards
Use of best practices
Dedication to service excellence

Our Certifications
Commonwealth of Massachusetts SDO M/WBE
Primary NAICS: 541611, 541618, 611420, 611430
Secondary NAICS: 541511, 541512, 541519, 541690, 541712

About Our Name

The term "Strategic" refers to a competitive advantage that we strive to bring to each and every one of our clients --- an advantage that allows them to compete better against their competitors.?
The term "Enterprise" refers to the perspective that we maintain while working with each of our clients. An enterprise perspective is a view of the whole organization or business.
The term "Technology" refers to the advanced capabilities and competencies (i.e. know how) that shape the solutions we develop for each of our clients.

Our Value Proposition - Why Us?

  • our team of seasoned and experienced industry professionals (with an average of over 20 years of Fortune 500 experience)
  • our network of industry subject matter experts
  • our sound knowledge of world class principles & methodologies
  • our experience developing innovative best practice solution frameworks, such as the PRE2? EPMO framework and the EKTIMIS? Respect Model framework
  • our experience working in the U.S. and in international (emerging) markets
Contact us to discuss how we may be of service in helping your organization identify root causes of problems, and implement practical solutions that improve performance and produce results.

Our Affiiate Brand

Over the years SET has performed research on a variety of topics focused on business performance improvement. One of our multi-year research efforts produced a body of original concepts, principles, and a solution framework in the field of organizational improvement. Innovative products and services associated with organizational improvement are available as part of our brand known as EKTIMIS - a wholly-owned operating unit of SET. Please visit to learn more, and explore business solutions to organizational transformation and improvement.
EKTIMIS Respect Learning Dome
A state-of-the-art online e-Learning platform offering training and coaching professional development programs in support of workplace cultural improvement.

Our Clients

  1. Massport - lean design construction process improvement client
  2. IBC - Lean Six Sigma process improvement client
  3. DCAMM - Lean Design Construction process improvement client
  4. Wireless Zone - operational assessment and improvement client
  5. US Army - Lean Six Sigma process improvement client
  6. Bershire Bank - Lean Six Sigma process improvement client
  7. US ICH - Operational and process improvement client
  8. MBTA - Lean Six Sigma process improvement client
  9. US Air Force - Lean Six Sigma process improvement client
  10. AECOM - Lean Design Construction process improvement client
  11. Cox - Lean Six Sigma process improvement client
  12. U.S. SBA - Strategic planning and process improvement client
  13. BOND - Lean Design Construction process improvement client
  14. Gates Mectrol - Lean Six Sigma process improvement training client
  15. Roche - Lean Six Sigma process improvement training client
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